Anti-Virus and malware solutions

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware cloud solution

Is your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software up to date?

Many businesses run their machines with old mis-configured software or without any form of anti-virus or anti-malware (spyware) protection at all.

Offering a cloud-based anti-virus solution where your computers are added to an online portal, allows us to remotely monitor and view any issues with infections or machines failing to update.

As well as PCs, the software can also be installed on Macs and on Android mobile phones to scan for fraudulent Apps and includes anti-theft features.

The product also supports web filtering to block unproductive websites and has many other features and options.

Having a reliable anti-virus and spyware product installed and running is an important part of preventitive maintenance, so Endpoint Protection Plus is included with our support services package at no extra cost.

A PC Repair is a partner for Panda products and can offer the rest of the entire Panda product range, and also uses Panda products on our own systems.


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